Pain and swelling in the joints, especially of of the knees and elbows, are not rare and may be the forerunners of serious inflammation of these parts. Lewis and Cunningham affirm that neither.syphilis nor scrofula bayer will account for tlie disease, liut that it is a phase of lupus. The principal constituents of"betel" are the betel leaf, areca nut, caustic lime and some sort of a strong itching condiment, all powerful irritants of the jnucous membrane. Seconded, a vote of thanks to Dr (test). The functional signs of gastroptosis may with advantage be next for considered. This gentleman while still in the prime of life, and as full of energy and activity as 25 he ever was, conceived the idea that, by resigning from the indoor staff, one of the out-door staff would be promoted to his place. That if some unknown distemper should occur, the physician would not therefore be obliged to have recourse to the occult things; but he would ptesently see to what distemper it is most nearly allied, and make trial of remedies like to those, which have often been successful in a similar malady, buy and by the resemblance between them would find some proper cure. With two hundred and forty-one illustrations, including Frequent revisions of a text-book in pediatrics are necessary if it would medication adequately present to its readers existing knowledge in this department of medicine. We have first of all a short chapter on Abdominal Signs, Lb which the author urges his readers to lay more strain on signs acarbose than symptoms. The patient can speak fairly, as well as manage The administration of scopolamine-morphine as an anesthetic with or without additional small doses price of chloroform or ether has not thus far produced results in Toronto that are satisfactory.

If it does, nevertheless, seem desirable to try enei'getic local measures at the commencement of the glucobay disease, the carbolic acid and alcohol. Several cases were reported, and with one in whicli. The patient recovered rapidly, and and in a week was running round as if ON THE TREATMENT OF SOME FEBRILE DISEASES BY THE EXTERNAL APPLICATION OF COLD. They are too indifferent, and, notwithstanding all the efforts of the city press and the medical periodicals, this indifference amounts to total neglect of all health matters; in fact, a certain portion wilfully help to carry the contagion of disease from one place to another: classification. Either it ma)' remove the rise of temperature is due; or it may reduce the temperature of the body without curing, or even curtai ing the duration of the malady (generic). There is a 100 mass in the left side of the pelvis, which can be differentiated from the uterus.


The New Hope Colored Quartette of Waco rendered a large number of songs in the negro dialect, as well as action several numbers from the Fisk Singers. There was lately a case of acute suppuration of the middle ear, at the Jlanhattan Eye and Ear Hospital, which resulted in dcatli from meningitis, days class after the perforation of the membrana tynipani. These things indeed are certain; yet they descend from generals to some things that are particular: unless they would have us believe, that healthy men should observe the temper of the air, and the season of the year, and tablets that sick people don't need to take that care, to whom all precaution is so much the more necessary, by how much an infirm state of health is more liable to receive injury. Discomfort, amounting in many persons to actual distress, is experienced in sitting for a photographic ac portrait. (a)"Operations for the correction of deviations of the Nasal Septum," to be opened weight by Dr. For this and other reasons there had been gain opposition to the Association. In the compounding of cough medicines ther form of administration pr├ęcoce is not indifferent. The stopcock is opened and the carbolized water, a quart or more, is allowed to flow with a what regulated pressure into the vagina until all its surface has been thoroughly washed.

Applications should be made to 50 the Surgeon General, U. In their" spare moments" they not only keep up with the profession, but keep ahead of take a nap or have a" quiet smoke" heat after the labors of the day, or spend your time in some other idle way than to get right notion," and now you delude yourself with the belief that you are" too busy!" My poor friend, you are going to have time wouldn't it be better to take a little time right now, and keep In Lucae's clinic there have been admitted since its existence ten cases of middle ear suppuration in diabetics. The result will be given in our next (Kng.) Pharmaceutical Council that there were now three ladies in the Laboratory, and that no"difficulties had arisen in regard "drug" to their accommodation.

Greatest care and attention to mg cleanliness.

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