Louis observed effusion in this disease, the fluid was sero-sanguineous in four, a turbid serum in nine, sero-puriform in fifteen, 50 and purulent in. AV'oodward moved you the adoption of the following resolution:" Resohed, That from this meeting and hereafter the I tion the so-called verbatim reports of the debates in a the Sections be limited to the papers presented andj recommended by the Sections for publication, andj such minutes as may be actually read before the I Dr. How - he is strong, active, and well, apparently, and when he recovers from his brain trouble he will have no I first used ergot in diabetes insipidus two years ago, in this hospital, with complete success; the case afterward was admitted to the surgical ward with a broken leg, but his polyuria has not returned. It was clearly the septum upon the diffusion "mg" of the pus was well exemplified. Such patients are often not unduly fat, and in their desire to 100 maintain a" girlish figure" Are willing to resort to almost any measure to become thin. Such cells, under the influence of localized stimuli, grow as long as the stimulus exists; and then they return to their former state work of equilibrium. These had been used ith great advantage in various hospitals, both iioad and at home, and there was no doubt that a eans of alleviating this terrible disease had been Reference was made to the value of counting the ood-corpuscles in certain affections, and quotations ide from several French authors: chew. In a similar way as a cell or a multicellular organism can be produced only if there has been previously present another cell, so a tumor can under these fruit conditions be formed only if there has been another tumor present at the start. All persons side are forbidden to remove from these premises, without written permission from the State or Local Board of Health, any animal or thing whereby glanders may be conveyed. Cheerfully and promptly he responded what to all calls upon him. I wrote to an eminent physician in Hartford, and he writes me,'We regard it as an old woman's remedy; but the doctors all use it, and since its use the take mortality has not been more than one-third.

I refer here to is the method of giving quinia by insufflation.

Professor James confesses that unfortunately comparatively few educated people have the super real power of prayer; those who have, however, possess a magnificent source of renewed energy that can be of the greatest possible"Relatively few medical men and scientific men, I fancy, can pray.

E., dilatation of for the capillaries, the contractility of the fibrous skin structure, and the cardiac impulse.

When - the distinction between apparent and actual death is often masked. Suicide used to be the resort particularly of the discouraged beyond middle life, but now it is becoming ever more and more it the mode of escape from an immediate future of unhappiness which ever younger and younger folk foresee for themselves.


It will 25 be called to mind that such conditions are absent in true epilepsy.

Avis - bismuth subnitrate in large doses may also prove useful. If the patient shows signs effects of sinking, Reynolds recommends Fatal peritonitis usually follows perforation; if it be limited, and the patient be kept well under the influence of opium, recovery may be possible; but during convalescence, careful regulation of the quantity and quality of the food is absolutely necessary; as is an avoidance of all cathartics for many days. Alcohol is also contra-indicated, because it stimulates the digestive organs reviews and so increases If the avoidance of the fattening foods named above does not prevent an increase in weight, then a more rigid diet must be arranged. Her physician, a man of large does experience, very properly put on the forceps. To - the remaining cases made favoral)le recoveries, one being a severe case conijilicated with diphtheria.

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